quarta-feira, 22 de agosto de 2018

Ronnie Von - ANARQUIA (1968)

Ronnie Von (1968) Ronnie Von was one of the most popular singers of Jovem Guarda, the early brazilian rock. This movement, started in early 60's by artists like Roberto Carlos, Erasmo Carlos and Os Incríveis, was the first brazilian version to the music made by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in england. These artists were composing, between other things, portuguese parodies of the USA Billboard's hits, and these songs were reaching the Brazilian radios even before of the original versions. This album, entitled simply "Ronnie Von", is very particular in the singer's discography because it represents the beginning of the Von's psychedelic period. Also is necessary to detach the attendance of the band Os Mutantes in all the songs, which at that time was beginning his career.

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